23 July 2019,   03:40
Black List of Clinics - Sergeenko"s Office imposed a fine of 56 million lari on 197 medical institutions

The Ministry of Healthcare accuses medical institutions of the wrong registration of beneficiaries. Sergeenko"s office imposed a fine of 56 million lari on 197 medical institutions, including four major networks of the country"s hospitals.
According to the Social Service Agency, patients living in rural areas were registered in the city, which is why the monthly sum of compensation was more by 86 tetri, the Ministry requests the return of funds. However, the Ministry of Health did not apply to law enforcement agencies regarding possible fraud.
"Medicapital" is going to court to fine-tune the relationship with the Ministry of Health. The medical institution disagrees with the Health Care Ministry and questions all the penalties. The Ministry asks "Medicapital" to return six and a half million lari in the budget.The largest network of hospitals in Georgia does not agree with sanctions. "Evex" thinks a 4 million fine is unfair.In the process of dispute the government wrote off the penalty of clinics and decreased it to 13 million.The ruling team says that the process is normal and nobody will be fined for no reason. In the opposition, it is believed that the dispute over the clinic is due to the failure of the state universal health care program.