18 August 2019,   07:51
Nino Lomjaria speak about law of selection of judges

The Public Defender has presented the report to the legislative body. She spoke about OSCE and ODIHR conclusion regarding appointment of judges. According to Nino Lomjaria, international experts believe that the draft law on the reform of the judiciary system is being discussed in an accelerated manner.
One of the main recommendations of the ombudsman is that the secret ballot process of candidates for the Supreme Council of Justice should be substituted with  open ballot.

Nino Lomjaria advises lawmakers to discuss the draft law once again before making a decision.
"There are conclusions of two highly authoritative. The presented draft law is incompatible with international standards in some cases and these organizations offer a specific solution, "said Nino Lomjaria.

The Public Defender welcomes the fact that the recommendation regarding mandatory judicial qualification exam has been reflected in the draft law on selection and appointment of Supreme Court judges.

“It’s also necessary to specify that if a member of the High Council of Justice is a judicial candidate, he/she shall not be authorized to take part in any stage of selection or voting procedures in relation to other candidates, or ask questions to them.

“A member of the High Council of Justice nominated as a candidate should be as isolated from the processes around the competition as possible, "said Nino Lomjaria.