21 August 2019,   21:02
"Construction of killer HPPs should stop in Pankisi Gorge" - Locals are waiting for return of negotiators

The death HPP- this is what the Pankisi residents call the hydropower plant , the protests against the construction of which was followed by the use force against the locals by the law enforcers today.
The situation in the Pankisi Gorge was tense."Stop the construction of the killer HPPs in the Pankisi Gorge," the locals say.
At this moment the protesters are waiting for the results of the negotiations with the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Head of the Regional Police in Telavi, but they also indicate that the population is not going to compromise.
"90% of the population of Pankisi are against the construction of the additional hydro power station, it is a whale that requires a victim," said one of the locals.The Pankisi people explain that the government promised them some privileges and improvement of infrastructure in exchange for the HPP, but they do not agree with these conditions. According to them, the attempt of recruiting the locals by the authorities was repeatedly observed.