23 August 2019,   19:01
Let them comply with the requirements, otherwise the police will apply full force - MIA addresses residents of Pankisi Gorge

The Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the situation in Pankisi i with a special statement. The deputy director of the Central Criminal Police Department made a statement at a special briefing several minutes ago.
Mamuka Chelidze evaluated the situation and said that the use by the Special Forces of rubber bullets and tear gas was necessary .He addressed the population of the Pankisi Gorge and called on them to obey the law enforcers.
According to him, the police will act in full force and will again use special means."
A certain group has resisted the police namely, they threw stones and sticks. Police equipment is damaged. Police officers and protest participants were injured. In parallel to the negotiations, population armed with batons and stick resisted the police forces again.The police were forced to use special means envisaged by law to prevent the situation.The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on everyone to obey police requests under the law, otherwise the police will act in full force, if necessary, special equipment will be used, "Chelidze said.