23 August 2019,   19:01
According to the MIA, 27 people wereinjured as result of clashes in Pankisi, 15 of which were officers of the Special Forces

27 people were injured in the Pankisi conflict, out of which 12 were locals and 15 were special forces. The MIA spreads information about it. A brief briefing has been held in the ministry recently. According to the Deputy Director of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry has moved to emergency regime.
“As far as you know, the construction of a 5-megawatt Hydro Power Plant resumed in Pankisi Gorge today. Police were mobilized since morning to protect the safety and public order. A group of local population resisted the police officers and threw them stones and sticks. Police equipment is damaged and several police employees and protesters have been injured. The police were forced to use special means permitted by law to prevent escalation of the situation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on everyone to obey police requirements. Otherwise, the police will strictly follow the law. If necessary, special means will be used.
"According to our information, we have provided emergency medical assistance to 27 people, including 12 locals and 15 Special Forces officers, 8 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been transferred to the clinic.
"The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has moved into an active regime of work and will informs the public periodically," - said Mamuka Chelidze.