17 September 2019,   15:33
"Thank the Lord for this Trial" - Levan Jibaghashvili"s speech at the trial

"Thank the Lord for this trial. Theses were two very difficult days, "said Levan Jibghashvili, who was detained for drug crime, at the trial.The actor apologized to the family and the public and noted that he had gone through two difficult days.
"I want to apologize, first of all to my family and society. Thank journalists for the objective, "said Levan Jibghashvili at the trial.
Levan Jibaghashvili, who is detained for drug crime, will be released in exchange for 10 000 GEL bail.The court took a decision several minutes ago. The prosecutor"s office demanded a bail of 15 thousand GEL for him.
Levan Jibaghashvili is charged for the purchase and storage of drugs in large quantities.According to the Prosecutor"s Office, he is charged under Article 260 § 1 and 3 of the Criminal Code, which envisages from 5 to 8 years of imprisonment.