23 July 2019,   03:39
Dissatisfaction increases in Pankisi, - locals blame police for falsification of the investigation

Dissatisfaction increases in Pankisi - for the third day, the Pankisi people have expectation that someone will be interested in the condition of 10 people that were injured.
Law enforcers have not yet interrogated anyone who has been wounded with rubber bullets and intoxicated with tear gas.
Today it has become known that the police only took testimonies from the injured law enforcers.
According to the population of the valley, for the past two days, the interior minister and other government officials only talk about the fact that during the confrontation, the perpetrator was only the population of Pankisi.
They suspect that the investigation will go in the wrong direction and the authorities hide the fact that the confrontation was provoked by the emergence of a special task force.
Malkhaz Machalikashvili does not hope for objective investigation The father of killed Temirlan M achalikashvili father who was going to the gorge to help the population of Pankisi, says that the police did not allow him to move freely. and detained him for a few hours.
Pankisi people think that behind the Khadori 3 HPP are the business interests of government officials. Among them is Kakha Kaladze, who called the Pankisi opponents "enemies of the country" today.
Investigation operations on Alazani banks have been resumed from morning. Several places were searched by the police, but the investigators do not know what they are looking for. The police force still remains in the river valley.