18 August 2019,   05:53
Construction of "Khadori 3" HPP - EMC expertise speaks about the gaps and says that the gorge is threatened with loosing water supplies

The study, which puts the issue of construction of "Khadori 3" HPP in Pankisi upside down. An independent expert who studied all the details thoroughly said that the ecological expertise issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection should be abolished. There are many legal reasons for this.
The specialist"s analysis is published by the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center. The extensive document states that the Ministry has provided one of the important permits for construction based on the superfluous assessment of ecological costs. It is clear that the population of the village of Birkani and Duisi will remain without drinking water as a result of the HPP construction. These risks are not included in the research prepared by the Ministry. The independent expert writes that due to many shortcomings found in the conclusion of ecological expertise,the Ministry has violated the law .
Under the construction of "Khadori 3" HPP, 90% of Alazani is placed in the pipes, but we do not see any argument in the document why it was decided to place 90% of the river in the pipes. In fact, we can have such a result that in the Pankisi Gorge, the whole river resource will be utilized by these four HPPs and there will be no water at all, "said the lawyer of the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center, Eto Gvritishvili.