17 August 2019,   17:55
Prosecutor"s office has exhausted all terms - thematic inquiry group may be set up on Ia Kerzaia`s case

A group of thematic inquiry may be created on the death of Director of Public School No. 6 in Zugdidi.
The decision will be made after the members of the Education Committee of the Parliament meet with Bachana Shengelia, Ia Kerzaia`s son, in the closed format.
The European Georgia announced its initiative at the committee sitting yesterday.
"We raised the issue at the Education Committee of continuing the study of Ia Kerzaia"s case and requested the prosecutor tocome and report on the inquiry into the case of Ia Kerzaia. We received a letter from Mariam Jashi that she did not consider the prosecutor"s arrival necessary because the investigation was still underway, though we know that the investigation on all the high-profile cases is continuing. Meanwhile, all the deadlines set up for the Prosecutor"s Office, by the MPs have expired.
That"s why we agreed today that we will invite Mr. Bachana Shengelia to the next session. After that, we will make a decision whether we will set up an investigative group at the Parliament to study Ia Kerzaia`s case. If the members of the majority decide that the case is not worth to be studie, it will be on their conscience, "Kapanadze said.
Nukri Kantaria, a member of the parliamentary majority, says that the Prosecutor"s Office should be actively involved in the investigation of Ia Kerzaia"s case .