18 August 2019,   07:50
"We are not saying that we agree to build a power plant" - chairman of the Pankisi Elders Union

After the confrontation in the Pankisi Gorge, the law enforcement officers have not interrogated any of the locals. Investigation has begun, however, the Pankisi people say that only the police were interrogated.
According to the locals, the confrontation with law enforcers is not acceptable to them, but if the police starts their detention, then sanctions should be extended to the entire population, as all residents have resisted the riot police.
The population of Pankisi will gather and will discuss future plans.
According to Zelimkhan Tsutsashvili, the chairman of the Pankisi Elders Union, they did not say that they are supporters of construction of the HPP in the gorge.
"We have not said that we are for building the HPP. we have not said that. This is not clear for me. We are blamed by some people, as if we are guilty of this. We do not want unrest. We must avoid disturbance, "Zelimkhan Tsutsashvili said.