12 November 2019,   10:15
Example of Selective Justice - Opposition responds to Levan Jibaghashvili"s case

Is there any selective justice in the country - the silence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the  Prosecution  regarding the case of Levan Jibghashvili causes suspicious in the opposition that the actor and businessman has influential patrons.It is already the third day that Gakharia`s and Tadumadze"s offices have not said anything about the quantuty and type of drugs seized from Jibaghashvili"s car.Opponents of the government are talking about selective justice. They say that in other cases, when a small quantity of drugs is seized , the court sentences persons to imprisonment.
"This is a typical example of selective justice, which is characteristic for the "Georgian Dream" and it has been seen repeatedly, because in any other case, when speaking about grams, the pretrial detention cannot be avoided. There is no talk about doubts here. This is a concrete fact that there is a different approach to this individual than to other similar cases . The reason for the selection is the only one. The fact is that he has a patron, "said Khatuna Gogorishvili, a member of" European Georgia "
Opponents of the government say when a different approach is applied to the person, he has a patron
"There is a very serious suspicion because the drugs are not named. It is unlikely to be a precedent, none of such incidents have gone without pre-trial detention and it causes suspicions, "said Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the National Movement.