21 August 2019,   20:54
Prosecutor"s Office releases first statement on Levan Jibghashvili"s case

Prosecutor"s Office gives explanations on the detention of Levan Jibaghashvili, an actor and a businessman.
According to the statement, when a person recognizes the crime committed, and he was not previously convicted and there is no intention to sell drugs, the prosecutor"s office does not apply the court with the pre-trial detention request.
"When a person has been charged under Article 260 § 1, 2 or 3 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, he has not been previously convicted and acknowledged the offense and the purpose of the drug sale is not on the surface the Prosecutor"s Office, in accordance with the established practice,may request imposing of a non-custodial measure.This practice is used by the Prosecutor"s Office in all cases where the accused person meets the abovementioned conditions, "- the statement of the Prosecutor"s Office says.