23 August 2019,   19:04
We did not know that we did not have the right - the foundation that nominated Kharebava to the Council of Justice in violation of law gives explanations

Zaza Kharebava, the non-judge member of the Council of Justice was nominated to the Parliament by a charitable organization "Abkhazia" .
Today, it became known that the organization that presented Zaza Kharebava, who was appointed by the Parliament to the Council of Justice with the violation of law, had to have legal experience . It was found out that the fund "Abkhazia" is currently engaged in microfinance activities and has no legal experience. The Foundation explains that they had only business relations with Zaza Kharebava and did not know that they had no right to present his candidacy to the council.
"First of all, we knew him and we had some ties. We often had to meet him either in the role of the plaintiff or in the role of the defendant and we knew that this person deserved support. No one explained it to me now but I think it was connected with justice and that"s why we did not think we had no right to take part in it. We did not know either the article nor did anyone say it to us, "said Chairman of the Humanitarian Center" Abkhazia "Ale Gamkharia.