18 August 2019,   05:48
Alleged victim of police violence - Zviad Mtirishvili"s relatives are being interrogated in Kachreti police

The case of Zviad Mtirishvili"s death - law enforcers are interrogating the relatives of the deceased at this moment. The investigation began after " Courier" had broadcast a story of Zviad Mtavrishvili. according to relatives he was a victim of police violence.

Witnesses who have already been interrogated say that the main thing is to hold proper investigation. Mtavrishvili"s relatives say that the Interior Ministry can cover a crime.

Witnesses , who have been questioned regarding the circumstances of the death of Zviad Mtirishvili, say that his death is a fault of law encofcers.
The family members of the deceased have not been questioned yet.