16 February 2020,   23:42
Attempt to incite hatred through government trolls -MDF research

Attempt to stir up hatred through the government trolls. The Media Development Foundation has conducted a survey to determine how the government"s narrative was spread by trolls in parallel to the developments in Pankisi .
The goals are also decoded - it turns out that the same persons used fake profiles in the social network during the confrontation in Pankisi, defending the government"s positions and inciting hatred.Image result.
" They are trying to justify the actions of the government and it"s a pity that the elements of igniting ethnic, religious hatred are revealed.The emphasis was made on the identity and even in connection with terrorism, which is very dangerous and is a dirty manipulation. It is regrettable that these groups are related to the government in some way and manipulate public opinion in this regard, "said Tamar Kintsurashvili, executive director of the Media Development Foundation.
Analyst of Media Development Foundation, Sopho Gelava also talk about trolls, who are trying to manipulate the religious topic. According to her, national security is in danger due to focusing on religious or ethnic issues.
The confrontation between law enforcers and local residents occurred in Pankisi Gorge on April 21. The physical confrontation was preceded by protests over the initiation of the construction of the HPP by the population.