23 September 2019,   01:13
The road leading to the desert monastery was closed on the second day of the visit of the President of Georgia - political assessments in Tbilisi

The most painful point of the Georgia-Azerbaijan relationship - 150-kilometer border line has remained an unresolved problem for decades already. Azeri border guards are periodically cutting the way to the desert monastery, including
for the clergy. Last time , David Gareji monastery complex, was visited exactly 5 days ago by the President of Georgia with the members of "Europe Nostra" .
After the president"s administration released photos and videos, Azeri border guards locked the road leading to the desert monastery and prohibited the clergy to enter. The fact that prohibitions were related to Zurabishvili`s visit to Gareji was publicly stated by the Archimandrite Kirimon of the David Gareji Monastery this morning.
A special briefing was held at the President"s Administration on the necessity of determining the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan.
The government started negotiations with the Azeri side after the road to the monastery was closed. The " Courier"shot the border guards digging the path to the Easter Cathedral.
Opposition is particularly cautious in political assessment of the situation. Opponents were only demanding from the authorities to communicate urgently with the Azerbaijani authorities.
By the end of the day, a statement was made in Baku for the Azerbaijani media . The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said that their government always wanted timely delimitation of the border and they are now ready to engage in this process.At this stage, the main problem is the formation of the commission that will determine exact coordinates of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Negotiations between the two countries have continued for more than 20 years.