21 August 2019,   05:57
15-year-old boy was arrested for robbery in Gori

The 15-year-old boy was arrested for robbery. In Gori, the teenager tried to seize money from a girl threatening her with scissors.
The girl started shouting, the attacker got frightened and ran away. One more crime story was followed by panic in Gori. After a 24-hour search, law enforcers arrested a juvenile boy convicted of crimes, confessing the crime and saying that he needed money and therefore decided to rob the girl.
Residents of the residential building where the attempted robbery took place are frightened. They say that going out and taking children in the yard is no longer safe.
People in Gori say that the reason for increased crime is a severe social background and people who are starving are ready to commit crime.Over the past month, a number of cases of robbery have been reported in Gori district. Five cars were broken in the auto repair center, a car was stolen in the center of Gori, shop "Libre" was robbed and money was taken - investigations into this case is still underway.