17 September 2019,   13:15
Police detain a woman who claimed to be the mother of ten children from Ukraine


A woman, who claimed to be a mother of ten Ukrainian children is detained in Zugdidi.

Before transfer to the Zugdidi Referal Hospital with intoxication, ten children were living in one of the residential buildings in Zugdidi with their tutor.

Reportedly, juveniles are citizens of Ukraine and their tutor had rented a flat for a few days. The Ukrainian citizen claims that children are her children. However, the locals suspect that she wanted to transport children to Abkhazia and sell them there.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation last week about a woman accompanying her 10 children.

According to the investigative agency, a citizen of Ukraine, who lives in a house in Zugdidi with 10 children, argues that they are her children. However, according to the investigation, it was revealed that four out of 10 children were born in 2017.