18 October 2019,   01:43
The practice of vote buying should be prohibited and it should be determined by law - "Courier" gets the EU"s strict letter to the government

The practice of vote buyingshould be prohibited and t it should be determined by law - this is a fragment from the secret letter , gained by Courier. tThe authors of the letter are theEU ambassadors and the addressee is the Georgian government.

According to the document, the European Union has strict demands to the Georgian government before the 2020 parliamentary elections.

The document speaks about a large sums donated to Ivanishvili"s party, in the pre-election period. The letter directly states that the law should change and the ruling team has no longer abuse administrative resources, pressure oteachers and other public officials.

Brussels categorically demands from Tbilisi to strengthen the law and make revenge and intimidation impossible.

The Ambassadors also recommend to impose restrictions on public servants to agitate in pre-election period in favor of the party.