05 July 2020,   21:13
Attack on "Rustavi 2" - Prime Minister"s journalists evaded from questions

Mamuka Bakhtadze does not respond to journalists" questions regarding attack on "Rustavi 2" and claim of 9% shareholder of broadcasting company, Nino Nizharadze . The Prime Minister shun away from the questions asked by the media.
Bakhtadze did not want to comment on a new attack against "Rustavi 2".
The suit "Nino Nizharadze vs Rustavi2, her shareholders and director" consists of 23 pages. In the document 9% shareholder of the company has requirements on 5 points. In case of winning the case, Nizharadze demands almost GEL 28.5 million.In the description of the claim, the author has indicated that the dispute belongs to the entrepreneurial legal category. Rustavi2 lawyers are convinced that Nizharadze, the plaintiff, formally fulfills the government"s interest.