18 October 2019,   01:49
"No to Freedom," "Power and Right to Oligarch" - protest slogans in Tbilisi streets

"No to Freedom," "More Obedient Court,""Power and Right to Oligarch" - Posters of this content appeared on the bridges of the capital city. Civil activists with these slogans expressed protest against the policy, which the government is carrying out. They expressed their dissatisfaction with this method and exhibited banners in the streets of Tbilisi.
The protest was about events that took place a year ago in "Basiani" and "Galeri"night clubs.
"On May 12, 2018, the Georgian government pointed guns at people who came to dance in free spaces and thus received in response the unity of tens of thousands of people. You certainly had to apologize. Your apology was accepted not because we believed in your sincerity or thought that it was something that could change anything, or you had not done worse than this, or we believed your promises (we have not been trusting you for a long time), you have to apologize to the society for everything you have done in these years, "-the civil activists say in the statement spread in the social network .Protest banners have not stayed long on bridges and as civil activists say they do not know who removed them.