14 October 2019,   08:47
Another fact of bribery in Zugdidi

Another t fact of bribing voters in Zugdidi - one of the local tells "Courier"that representatives of "Georgian Dream" have offered 150 GEL for Gega Shengelia"s support.
The woman  says that several people introduced themselves as "Georgian Dream" representative and offered her money for voting for the candidate of the ruling team. After she rejected the offer, she was promised other privileges in addition to monetary remuneration.
The woman wants to disclose her identity because she fears that her social assistance will be annulled .
The National Movement requests appropriate response from the relevant authorities regarding the incident.
"They visited the poorest people, IDPs but I want to tell the "Georgian Dream "that IDPs are the best people and IDPs will not sell their homeland for 150 GEL, "said Beso Shengelia, a UNM member.