15 December 2019,   07:09
MIA has not made a mistake,- Mzvrishvili makes explanations on the murder case in Kandaura

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs, of course, has not made a mistake, it is a very natural process," Natia Mezvrishvili, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, said in connection with the investigation into the murders in Kandaura.
Natia Mezvrishvili says that the investigative agency has arrested an 85-year-old man on the basis of primary information. According to her, after examining the results of the expertise, some question marks emerged about the weapon.
"The first one who was arrested and who was accused based on the evidence that we have collected and gathered, 4 people are dead and naturally the interest of the public was high so we provided immediate information. Also, we have disseminated further information that there were some question marks about other weapons that were used , because the expertise conclusions revealed additional circumstances . The persons who are detained at this stage are detained on the basis of relevant evidence, "said Natia Mezvrishvili.
Two people are detained after the murder of four people in the village of Kandaura - an 85-year-old man who is suspected of killing his daughter and two relatives and a spouse. Besides, Omar Gamkrelidze"s grandson is also arrested. The young man has been accused of carrying firearms and ammunition.The son of a 85-year-old man who is wanted for the murder case in Kandaura, is a former Special Forces officer.