25 February 2020,   18:53
Intimidation, Abduction, Bribing for victory of Georgian Dream - Rulling team claims that the secret video recording is fake

The intimidation and bribery of the population - Members of majority of the Zugdidi City Council claim that the hidden video recording is false.

The case concerns the secret recording, gained by Courier, where the MP of Zugdidi City Council and member of Georgian Dream Gia Danelia explains what orders he has received.

Majority of the City Council accuses the opposition . The Chairperson of the City Council , Mamuka TsoTseria states that the recording is false.

"This is certainly absurd. In general, "Georgian Dream" does not have this style and anything that is close to the actions of the National Movement, "said Tsotseria.

Kosta Kakava, the member of Zugdidi City Council is confident in the victory of "Georgian Dream".

"Even when they were in the government and now when they are in the opposition, there people, UNM members, the political team hates different opinion and threatens the citizens, ," Kakava said.