14 October 2019,   11:14
They are very interested but they are afraid that Ivanishvili will see them in hall- ruling team will not listen to Kobulia in parliament

The former Minister of Economy will try to answer the questions of MPs today.A group of independent lawmakers offered an open format in the legislative body to Kobulia after the Committee on Sector Economy refused to invite him. Unlike the opposition, the ruling team is not going to attend the meeting.The opposition is interested in how the socio-economic background in the country deteriorated, how the Ministry of Economy worked under Giorgi Kobulia"s leadership and what was the reason for his resignation.
"If ruling party does not care about the former minister"s report on the problems, it is very sad and they are very interested in it, but they are afraid to attend because of Ivanishvili," said one of the leaders of the UNM, Roman Gotsiridze.
"European Georgia" states that Kobulia"s accusations against the "Georgian Dream" government confirm people"s suspicions that the government is corrupt.
"The government takes decisions not in favor of the people, but in favor of the clan"s interests," said Zviad Chiaberashvili.
Vice Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili says she can not see why the parliamentary majority should meet with former ministers.