20 October 2019,   00:59
"Looks like they are preparing for special operation" - Sandra Roelofs meets diplomats

Members of the United Opposition and "European Georgia" are meeting with the diplomatic corps in Zugdidi.
The meeting is attended by the mayoral candidate of the United Opposition in Zugdidi. Sandra Roelofs personally presented to diplomats the video footage showing yesterday"s violence.
"The situation in Zugdidi is very tense, you see what was happening yesterday evening, but this process began long ago, we talked about it with the embassies and NGOs today.
" At every step we face provocations, swearing, rude behavior, even physical confrontation, and we have visual evidence proving that they are preparing for a big special operation.We are asking for the resignation of Miranda Meskhi, the chairperson of the CEC of Zugdidi, "- says Sandra Roelofs.