14 October 2019,   11:04
Intimidation, Violence, Bribing - Opposition Requests Ambassadors to Send Their Representatives to Interim Elections

The government is preparing not for conducting elections, but for violent special operation - opposition representatives make these statements. They call on the Embassies accredited in Georgia not to leave the voter face to face to the government"s violence.The opponents of the government are asking them to send their own representatives to the interim elections to monitor the election process.
Zugdidi Mayor Candidate Sandra Roelofs, United Opposition and Members of "European Georgia" provided information on the facts of violence in Zugdidi to the diplomatic corps.
Apart from detailed information, the opposition has shown video footage to the ambassador depicting the attack on Sandra Roelofs and the secret recordings that indicate the blackmail and intimidation of the local population.?
"The so called government is not going to implement any recommendations of the OSCE and the ODHIR. The country has more and more international legal liabilities. The government damages Georgia"s reputation. We are no longer a leading country in terms of democracy, in terms of reforms that should be implemented. Violence, intimidation, rigging, election committees obeying to the government, we should stop it, because it will be very bad for the country, "- Grigol Vashadze said.
According to the opposition, the ruling team tries to use voting lists to manipulate the election.
"There is nothing in common with democracy or fair elections , it is impudence carried out by the Georgian Dream together with the election administration," said the Chairman of "New Georgia" Giorgi Vashadze, one of the leaders of the United Opposition.