08 April 2020,   21:41
Scandalous Secret Recording - Opposition Demands to Start Investigation against Gia Danelia and Suspend his Authorities

United National Movement demands to put political and legal responsibility on f Gia Danelia, a member of majority in Zugdidi City Council .

It is about scandalous video footage that was distributed yesterday and Danelia is its participant

The opposition claims that the Prosecutor"s Office should start investigation after l publishing the record, although they did not do it. That is why UNM addresses the Prosecutor"s Office to launch investigation immediately and suspend the mandate of Gia Danelia, as the MP of the City Council.

"The prosecutor"s office was obliged to summon Gia Danelia today, to interrogate him and conduct investigative actions. The Prosecutor"s Office should appeal to the Zugdidi City Council and suspend authority of Gia Danelia, to prevent him to influence the investigation and hide evidence, "said Levan Bezhashvili.