05 April 2020,   10:35
Conflict in front of Zugdidi Sakrebulo - Police did not allow the opposition to enter the City Council

Barriersand an unprecedented number of law enforcers in front of the Zugdidi City Council building - the security service and patrol police did not allow the opposition to enter the premises to register a single statement.

Within 20 minutes, journalists were not allowed to leave the building, including the "Courier" cameraman, who had entered the building before locking the door. Because of this, the Rustavi 2 journalist had to be on air when she was behind the glass door.

Members of Parliament were also not allowed to enter the City Council.

After the fight and the fierce confrontation, the security opened the door of the building and allowed the lawmakers to enter the premises. After that the confrontation continued in the building.

The opposition demanded an extraordinary meeting to discuss the issue of suspension of responsibility of the MP Gia Danelia.

Gia Danelia is a lawmaker who is in the secret recording published by " Courier" yesterday. In a recording he says that he was ordered to mobilize voters on voting stations .