17 September 2019,   13:18
Some destructive actions take place - ruling team imposes responsibility for Zugdidi developments on opposition

The ruling team imposes responsibility for the developments in Zugdidi on opposition . The statement was made by the Chairperson of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee. Sopho Kiladze states that the opposition has destructive actions. She calls on the opponents not to hinder the conduct of elections in a calm environment.
"Sadly, we see that the temperature is political and we should try to lower it. The opposition should also try to ensure that these elections are democratically held as confrontations have impact on the image of the country. Therefore, all parties are obliged to follow the law. If anyone violates this law, it will have a proper response, "Sopho Kiladze said.
We should remind you that situation in Samegrelo region has been particularly tense in the last week. There was an attack on the candidate of the Zugdidi Mayor of the United Opposition, as well as withdrawal of election lists and registration stamps from the DEC. According to the opposition, they have the information confirming that the voter lists and registration stamps are kept in the homes of specific persons.