29 February 2020,   06:45
At Zugdidi polling station #9, GYLA was not allowed to observe the counting process

At Zugdidi polling station #9 , GYLAwas not allowed to observe the counting process. According to Sulkhan Saladze, all means were used to solve the problem, but in vain.
"Young Lawyers" evaluated the incident as a gross violation of the election legislation. The relevant complaint has already been written.
"Our observer simply was not allowed to enter polling station and we addressed practically all the instances, somevia telephone communications, in some cases with private connections to the observer, but in vain. It is the simplest thing that an observer can enter the polling station at any time. The Commission did not even hear anything at all, and finally, we have written a complaint on this issue and requested disciplinary responsibility through administrative procedure, "Sulkhan Saladze said.