25 August 2019,   03:15
GEL continues to impair - national currency hits impairment record

GEL continues to impair. National currency at the end of the week has further depreciated with regard to the US dollar and Euro. GEL is impaired with regard to Turkish lira as well.According to the data published by the National Bank, yesterday, at the end of the day based on the inter banking trade the US dollar amounted to 2.7802 GEL. The rate , which valid yesterday, was GEL 2.7799. Consequently, the dollar amendment amounted to 0.0003 GEL per national currency.
As for the Euro, its rate is 3.1102 GEL, while yesterday"s ate was 3.0954 GEL. Accordingly, the amendment to the euro amounted to 0.0148 GEL. The rate is much higher in commercial banks and currency exchange booths.