20 February 2020,   00:27
The Prime Minister inspected infrastructural projects in Racha

Prime Minister is in Racha. Mamuka Bakhtadze arrived in Gogolati village and met with the local population. The Prime Minister addressed the gathered people. The Prime Minister inspected the ongoing infrastructural projects in Onsa and Ambrolauri. Mamuka Bakhtadze got interested in the Racha-Sachkhere-Oni road project, visited several objects including the Racha Ham Enterprise and met with the locals.
"In this village, there are dozens of such houses where unique Georgian architecture and unique Georgian ornaments are preserved. If you come here, it is impossible to see all this without emotion. This is the greatest cultural indicator of the projects that we launched last year, it"s going to be successful. Today I have been in both municipalities - Oni and Ambrolauri, with very good pace infrastructure projects. It was very important for me at the same time that in Racha we managed to increase the number of tourists. 160 guesthouses are already operating in Racha and this is just the beginning, "said Mamuka Bakhtadze.