23 February 2020,   08:34
"United Georgia, Democratic Movement"- Nino Burjanadze"s extraordinary congress is held in "Sheraton Metechi Palace"

Extraordinary Congress of Nino Burjanadze"s party is held in "Sheraton Metekhi Palace". The name of the party has been changed and it is called "United Georgia, Democratic Movement".
At this moment, party leaders inform the delegates about the ongoing change and the political direction that the party will work for the parliamentary elections.
Members of the party think that dialogue with Russia regarding the occupied territories of Georgia is necessary because they think that the problem of the occupied territories will only be resolved in this way.
Gigla Baramidze, political secretary of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia states that the party is against the presence of foreign bases on the territory of Georgia and wants to join the EU.
"We say no to the corrupt government that has been formed in Georgia, to unemployment, to the social inequality that has been established in Georgia in recent years, and of course, the EU is the key to us. We are against any foreign military bases. We will do everything in Georgia to move Russian bases out of Georgia. Direct negotiations are needed for this purpose, and this requires multi-sectoral balanced relations, "said Gigla Baramidze.
Anzor Bitsadze, a member of the political council of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia, said that the aim of the conferences is to talk to the voters about what changes are important for the country.
"The purpose of these conferences is, first of all, to enter into a direct relationship with our voters, to inform people on what changes are urgently needed in the country. The main political message is united Georgia. Today Georgia needs unity, territorial integrity and unity of society for better chances, "said Anzor Bitsadze.
Giorgi Akhvlediani, a member of the board of the "Democratic Movement-United Georgia", calls on dialogue with Russia to solve problems.
"To be short, it is a preparation for the creation of a national state. We see that we are going backward. The only way to solve these problems is to talk with those who can solve these problems, "said Giorgi Akhvlediani.