18 October 2019,   11:29
Clan governance in the court - "European Georgia" supports the resolution of independent lawyers

"European Georgia" supports the resolution of independent lawyers that recognize the existence of the clan in the court. According to one of the leaders of "European Georgia" Sergi Kapanadze, they share the opinion of lawyers that the court is ruled by the clan and this confirms the list of candidates for the judiciary of the Supreme Court. Sergi Kapanadze claims that the clan is going to be stronger.
"The list of people who have appeared in the Supreme Court selection is a clear proof that this clan is going to get stronger and to get control of the whole court, "- Kapanadze said.
In the parliamentary majority, they say that the authors of the draft resolution and their supporters are trying to carry out a deliberate attack on the judiciary.
"All attempts are to take revenge on the court that has convicted the National Movement. Along with incompetence, there is also a political motivation that drives the lawyers you mentioned, "says Gia Volski.