30 March 2020,   22:48
Record high prices for products - inflation has reached its peak

Geostat studies have officially established that the inflation rate has reached its peak during the last 18 months. In May alone, prices for vegetables and potatoes increased by 33 percent, fish 13 percent, bread products 11 percent and meat products by 7.2 percent. People can no longer afford to buy in agrarian markets.
The price of fuel has set the record of the year. Petrol prices have risen by 20-25 tetri over the past two months, and importers say the price is stabilized in the international market, but there should be no positive forecast due to lari impairment.
Experts say that the inflation rate will increase in the following months, as the Geostat data has not yet shown the final result of impairment of the Lari. Specialists say that research should be a signal to the economic team that effective steps need to be taken. However, the increase in prices, the depreciation of the lari and the record rate of inflation do not seem alarming to the Deputy Finance Minister.