19 October 2019,   22:28
Import tax is reduced - businessmen talk about the inevitable crisis and address the PM

Crisis for businessmen is inevitable - the agreement between them and the state has failed, which means that benefits for the companies included in the gold list will be reduced from 30 days to 5 days.
Finance Minister and Businessmen Ombudsman met with businessmen asking for a postponement of these regulations. The government is not going to retreat, while the businessmen are predicting the reduction of costs and staff on this background, as well as selling smaller quantities of products.
"The result is that we need to attract more financial resources, which means that we have to take a loan and, in the event of a loan, we will have to cut costs. That will be the reduction of employees or decrease of products imported, "said Zviad Tskhvitaridze, corporate director of" British American Tobacco".
The business ombudsman addresses the PM with the request of postponing the regulations.