20 February 2020,   22:20
This is unacceptable when Russia"s representatives make threatening statements - Abashidze responds to Karasin"s statement

Russia should not talk with Georgia on the issue of relations with NATO in a threatening tone, "Zurab Abashidze said in connection with the statement of Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin.
The Prime Minister"s Special Representative for Relations with Russia says that NATO-Georgia relations are the country"s choice and no one can change it. As for Karasin"s statement about the port of Anaklia, Abashidze claims that Russia has nothing to do with the port and there was no mention of this issue at the meeting.
"The topic of the Anaklia port was not discussed at all. We have not talked about it at the previous meetings either. As for our relations with NATO and other international organizations, this is our sovereign right, sovereign choice. When Russia"s representatives make some statements with threats, we believe that this is totally unacceptable, "said Zurab Abashidze.
Grigori Karasin said before the meeting that Russia is concerned about possible accelerated membership of Georgia in NATO. Gregory Karasin said that accelerated accession of Georgia will affect the relations with Russia.