28 February 2020,   09:34
"For others, it was not interesting" - Founder of Archi responds to Opposition"s Accusation on Corruption

Ilia Tsulaia, the founder of "Archi" and the member of supervisory board responds to allegations of "United National Movement" members, who speak about corrupt deals with Tbilisi City Hall.

Ilia Tsulaia says that the allegations are groundless because Tbilisi City Hall will receive property, worth of 12-13 million GEL.

"No one took part and was not interested in this space. The price of land was estimated at approximately 4 million GEL and finally, the City Hall will receive a total of 12-13 million GEL in the frames of the project, which is why this project was less financially interesting for others "Tsulaia said.

Tsulaia says that he does know that the "Varketili Development LLC" was created specifically for the project.

Owners of "Varketili Development LLC" Tengiz Tsulaia and Dimitri Adamia are donators of "Georgian Dream". Last year, each of them donated 60-60 thousand GEL to Salome Zurabishvili for the presidential election.