28 February 2020,   10:11
Patriarchate comes out against "Tbilisi Pride" and demands from the government to stop the process

The Patriarchate demands the restriction of holding Tbilisi Pride. The Patriarchate disseminated a special statement and demanded the authorities not to allow organizers to hold Tbilisi Pride. The Church addresses the government, foreign diplomats accredited in Georgia and non-governmental sector. If Pride organizers will appear in the streets of Tbilisi, the churches will support the contractions.
The Public Defender says that such a strict statement of the Patriarchy may be provoking violence. The civil sector does not share the position of the Patriarchate. Representatives of NGOs say that the government is facing a big test. Government officials did not express their position regarding the statement of the Patriarchate. The parliamentary majority say that the Constitution should be protected.
Unlike the government, the opposition has a strong position on the freedom of expression of the LGBT community.