19 October 2019,   22:29
David Sergeenko will replace Eka Tikaradze - PM presents new Health Minister


"Davit Sergeenko will be appointed as my advisor, Eka Tikaradze will be the Minister of Healthcare", - Prime Minister of Georgia made this statement at a special briefing.

Mamuka Bakhtadze spoke about the necessity and importance of the changes in the ruling team. He also talked about the reforms that David Sergeenko has implemented in the health care system and thanked the former Minister.

"Any initiative and reform of the government are tailored to our citizens. We all remember what kind of system we had and what kind of system we have now. Naturally, this reform is related to our political team and Dato Sergeenko. A man who managed to make very difficult reforms, "the PM said.

Tikaradze is the director of Sachkhere Clinic .