12 December 2019,   12:06
Pickups, special equipment, police, and special forces - special mobilization in the yard of the Parliament and the Government

In the Parliament Yard, a large number of law enforcement officers are mobilized. Several pick-ups arrived at the scene, as well as a bus, minivans, that brought patrol police and emergency department`s employees.
Law enforcers have come to the courtyard of the Parliament with special equipment that is stored in the buses standing on the ground.
According to the deputy head of the patrol police, law enforcers will move outside the Parliament if necessary, where the protest rally takes place. Vazha Siradze says that law enforcers only care about citizens" safety.
"We are here to protect the security of any citizen of Georgia as well as the protect public order in the country. We fulfill our duty, "said Vazha Siradze.