04 July 2020,   06:56
There is no proper investigation of evidence - Ombudsman assesses court hearings of rally detainees

The trial of persons detained at Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi City Court continues. The court sessions are monitored by the Public Defender"s Office and the "Young Lawyers Association".
Court hearings started at 10:00 am yesterday and ten judges held an unprecedented number of hearings.
According to the Public Defender, Nino Lomjaria, the judicial proceedings were held in violation and detainees were sentenced to imprisonment without studying evidence.
Trial hearings were also monitored by the "Young Lawyers Association". After the publication of their sharp announcement, the court decisions and sessions were changed.
"Over 300 people are detained in total. In addition, preliminary detention isolators are completely full. We started openly speaking that the trials were formal. In addition, I do not exclude that it was the subject of dissatisfaction in the court and the ruling party because I had the opportunity to speak to the ruling party representatives today and I openly told them that the court was quick to adopt decisions and it looked like hearings of May 26, 2011, "Sulkhan Saladze said. According to official information, law enforcers detained 305 citizens last night. Though unofficially, their number is 500. Some of them remain in preliminary detention isolators and are waiting for court hearings.