28 February 2020,   09:55
There is 200 km from Tbilisi - Kadyrov"s threat

"I would like to remind you that Tbilisi is only 200 kilometers away from Grozny," said Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic.
Kadyrov responds to developments in Tbilisi. It is about the events of June 20, which developed on Rustaveli Avenue and were caused by a visit of Russian Duma members to Georgia.
The rally under the slogan - "Russia is Occupier" has been held in Tbilisi for the third time already. Kadyrov writes about Russia-Georgia friendship and reminds Tbilisi that it is only 200 km away from Grozno and millions of Georgians live in Russia.The Chechen leader says that the world has acquired Georgian culture, literature, and art thanks to Russia. According to him, Georgians have many reasons for friendship with Russia and no hatred. Kadyrov says that on June 20, when Russian MPs were in Georgia, the politicians were strained by those who have long wanted to aggravate the situation. According to him, the Georgian government is guilty not to provide security for Russian MPs and radicals. Kadyrov presumes Georgian beaches, restaurants, cafes, and hotels will get empty due to the anti-Russia radicals.
“Russians and Georgians have thousands of reasons for peaceful coexistence and no reason for hate."
The Chechen leader is convinced that the West directed Georgian "politicians" against Russia.

"Mrs. President (Salome Zourabichvili) is very wrong. Russia is most of all interested in peace in Georgia", - Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram channel.