17 August 2019,   22:38
The Interior Minister should resign till the end of the day and release the detainees - an ultimatum of the protest rally

Organizers and participants of the demonstration on Rustaveli Avenue address the government with an ultimatum. They are putting two main demands - the protesters who were detained on May 20 rally should be released and George Gakharia should resign. To fulfill these two demands, the government has a deadline until the end of the day.
"Our requirements are the same - all the detainees are to be released immediately and we give the deadline until the end of the day. Resign! We give you time till the end of the day, "Misha Mshvildadze said.
The third requirement of the rally participants applies to early parliamentary elections. They require to initiate procedures for early elections, which will be held in a proportional system.The protest was resumed several minutes ago. The citizens of Georgia have been protesting for three days already at the Parliament of Georgia