04 July 2020,   06:11
We should remember what Russian troops did on our territory - Eka Gigauri addressed protesters

The rally in front of the parliament has been underway for two hours already. There many people on the rally who are protesting against the Russian occupation of the country. The main demands of the protest rally remain unchanged - resignation of the Interior Minister Giorgi Gakhria and appointment of early elections that will be conducted with a proportional system. Participants of the rally also demand the release of detainees and give the deadline for resignation till the end of the day.
Executive Director of Transparency International - Georgia Eka Gigauri addressed the demonstrators. She said that the country should not turn away from the western course.
"I remember what Russian troops did on our territory, I remember how they burned our villages, I remember how our women were raped, what they did to our country, how they left our population without houses it should always be remembered," Gigauri said.