26 January 2020,   22:30
Name someone who ordered you- the person accused of preparing the Molotov cocktail speaks about the pressure from the prosecutor"s office

Giorgi Tsikaridze, who is arrested on the case of making the so-called Molotov cocktail, speaks about the pressure from the prosecutor"s office. The defendant claims that he was asked to name specific persons. He made a statement at the trial where the judge was discussing the preventive measure for him.
Giorgi Tsikaridze confirmed that he had bottles with the Molotov cocktail at home, but categorically ruled out the connection with the rally.
Preliminary detention was imposed as a preventive measure. Tsikaridze was detained within the scope of the investigation into the organization of group violence. Opposition leaders, including Gigi Ugulava, Nika Melia and Irakli Okruashvili, have been summoned for questioning in the same case. None of them are going to visit the investigative office and says they will only give testimony in the presence of a magistrate judge.