19 October 2019,   22:31
EXCLUSIVE: "Courier" gained a testimony from Melia"s case

A case in which 80% of health information is presented - Nika Melia"s criminal case contained a health certificate of people who suffered during the raid.
Attorney Giorgi Kondakhishvili received evidence of the Prosecutor"s Office almost 24 hours late. Melia"s rights advocate says that the Chief Prosecutor"s Office has obtained materials against the opposition party leader in the force majeure situation today.
The lawyer says that only a few from the dozens of policemen who were questioned in the case of group violence mentioned Nika Melia. They are mainly employees of different district police in Kakheti. There is another interesting circumstance. The lawyer has already confirmed that one of the witnesses against Nika Melia gave testimony against another opposition leader Davit Kirkitadze. He is Alexi Buishvili.
Aleksi Buishvili claims that Nika Melia urged protesters to break the police cordon in the microphone.
"Courier" was not able to talk to Alexi Buishvili, despite many attempts he did not answer phone calls.
Other employees of Kakheti Police also gave testimony against Nika Melia. One of them is Irakli Shaishmelashvili. Sagarejo police detective investigator. On June 20, he was brought to Tbilisi by the order of the police department. In the testimony, he also writes that one of the politicians whom he recognized on the spot was Melia. Besides the police officers, Koka Kandiashvili`s employee, Natia Beridze addressed the investigative agency with a request to be questioned.