17 August 2019,   22:40
Proportional System and Zero Barrier - Ruling Team Plans to Hold Presentation Without Consultation With Opposition

The 2020 parliamentary elections in the conditions of the proportional system and zero electoral threshold - how does the "Georgian Dream" see changes and in what are conditions for the future elections, the ruling team plans to hold presentation without consultations with the opposition. "Georgian Dream" invites political parties, NGOs, diplomats and representatives of the Central Election Commission to present an initiative tomorrow.
The leader of "New Rights" will be ready to attend the presentation, however, if the following consultations continue. The "Georgian Dream" is holding a presentation of its own vision, but before they filed this particular proposal in the Parliament.If I see the "Georgian Dream", - Mamuka Katsitadze said.
The "National Movement" believes that the proportional system is the biggest achievement of the people who stood in the street and protested, as well as of the opposition, who collected signatures throughout Georgia and applied to the Parliament.
Khatia Dekanoidze states that now the commission that will work on constitutional amendments will be staffed by politicians, as well as representatives of NGOs.
"It is very important to register these constitutional amendments, to create a commission, which would include all those political parties, entities, and non-governmental organizations that have an opinion on constitutional amendments and the proportional system. As well as activists who have requested a proportional system for a long time, "Khatia Dekanoidze said.
Sergo Kapanadze says that this is exactly what people in the rally want to get from Ivanishvili.
"We will be involved in this process. Although we think that the zero barrier is not good and it would be better to have a three percent barrier. Even though the ban on the blocks does not seem to be the right step. But we believe that this is the second and third-degree issue if we get a proportional system, "said Sergi Kapanadze.
The chairperson of the party "Law and Justice" will join the process of transition to a proportional system, but Tako Charkviani says that the government has taken the position of the client which is irritating.