21 September 2019,   09:53
"0% threshold and blocks actually exclude each other," - Tamar Chugoshvili

The ruling party plans to present the constitutional amendments related to the proportional electoral system tomorrow. According to Tamar Chugoshvili, the "Georgian Dream" is ready to consult with opposition parties.
The "Georgian Dream" faction member states that the ruling party has no constitutional majority and the opposition parties" votes are decisive.
"We do not intend to negotiate with the individuals who are going beyond constitutional frames and are trying to overthrow the state, but it will refer to specific names and surnames rather than parties. "National Movement" is one of the main opposition parties in the country and of course they will not have the problem to come or talk at the meeting if they wish so. Even if all members of the majority vote for it, the majority do not have a constitutional majority. "Georgian Dream" alone is not able to pass this constitutional amendment and it will need votes of the parliamentary opposition. I can not rule out that there are several members of the majority who are against the change of the electoral system and this is nothing new to you. It"s awkward when a party cannot receive 0.7% support and still has claims to take a seat in the Parliament of Georgia. I think this is not a healthy and correct approach, so 0% barrier and blocks actually exclude each other, "Tamar Chugoshvili said.